Angel Card of the Week - FORGIVENESS - This card is from Dr. Kelli's Angel Answers Card Deck. Angel Card of the Week for July 24 - Forgiveness with Archangel Chamuel and the angels of forgiveness

Forgiveness affects every area of your life.

Let your angels guide you as you take a deep breath and let go of the hurts that hold you back from fully embracing your future.

You are not here by accident. Take a moment to see how this week's card applies to you. Really TRULY, check in with yourself; make an appointment with your heart and soul, as you do your angels are right beside you.

Calm your breath, your thoughts, your mind, your body. Center yourself in your heart and ask the angels to help pinpoint the areas in your life that need forgiveness. Release the blame, the shame, the guilt and let go as you center in your heart space. As you do this, forgive; forgive; forgive; let that old energy go so that new higher, brighter, energy may come in and replace it. Now give the angels all the old energy in a ball of unforgiveness and as you do they hand you a bright, shiny new energy ball of love. Use this new higher energy of love to move forward and create positive steps in your life.

You may have to revisit this issue until you have cleared all the old energy out. Things may trigger you back into feeding the energy of unforgiveness; it's okay, go back to your heart, feel your true divine essence here and hand the old energy back to the angels. Keep practicing this until you have resolved all issues of unforgiveness.

You might like to make a daily angel forgiveness journal; in this journal you work with issues that need to be released and forgiven. As you practice daily forgiving you will get better at releasing the energy of unforgiveness. You are NOT alone and are sooooo loved!

Remember Who You Are.

FREE Angel Audio Healing Meditation

Dr Kelli Ė The Angel Whisperer takes you on a short meditative journey of calm. Keep your vibrations filled with radiant sparkles from the Higher Angelic Realms. Enjoy this experience as the angels open your heart to their infinite love.

Be in a place where you can tune into your heart and let all cares dissolve with the radiance of the Higher Realms of Divine infinite Love, Light and Oneness. If you would like to set an intention before the meditation to focus on one area in particular, you may do so.

You may light a candle and ask the angels to surround you in a circle of Godís love as you receive these healing vibrations. Allow love to stream forth. You are love. Feel the Higher Realms LOVE for you; their infinite eternal love for you. The angels will continue to work with you after the meditation is over. Be gentle with yourself and allow Godís infinite love to cradle you in truth.

Please do not listen to meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.

The Angel WhispererThe Angel Whisperer

The Angel WhispererThe Angel Whisperer

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