The quality of your projection is determined by your mental vibration and your spoken words. You can use certain words to raise your frequency, elevate others and heal the planet.

Blessing is one of the most remarkable ways to uplift humanity. It is also a powerful step toward perfect attunement with the invisible. In reality, the higher powers are deeply moved by the qualities of love, peace and light. Therefore, you can use the verbum to surround yourself with their vibrations, so that you may be protected from unwanted influences.

In connection with the above, the prayer below, The Prayer of Light, is perhaps the most profound blessing you can use for yourself and others. It has been empowered in the collective psyche. As a result, reciting it will both nurture your psychic body and allow you to commune with the higher forces of nature in a selfless way.

If you can, spend a few minutes at intervals every day enveloping yourself with vibrations of love, peace and light. Gradually sense the energy of those words around you and extend it to the Universe. Love is the highest vibration available. It turns all misfortunes into delights. Light is the principle of perfection which brings grace and peace in the life of those who invoke it. Love is the mother of light, and light is the sister of peace. Thus, where there is light, you always find peace. By praying with the trinity of love, peace and light, you are tapping into the principle of the father, the son and the holy spirit to fill your life with blessings.

In the face of adversity and misfortune, before your fears and insecurities, choose the path of love, peace and light and expand the self to experience your vastness and become victorious. For a life of grace, enflame yourself with this potent prayer and bless humanity, so that we all may regain our rightful place in the celestial hierarchy.

Prayer of Love, Peace and Light

Love behind me

Love at my left

Love at my right

Love above me

Love below me

Love unto me

Love in my surroundings

Love to all

Love to the Universe

Peace before me

Peace behind me

Peace at my left

Peace at my right

Peace above me

Peace below me

Peace unto me

Peace in my surroundings

Peace to all

Peace to the Universe

Light before me

Light behind me

Light at my left

Light at my right

Light above me

Light below me

Light unto me

Light in my surroundings

Light to all

Light to the Universe

The Angel WhispererThe Angel Whisperer
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